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What do I do if I lose any of my insurance cards?

Replacement ID cards normally take 7 to 14 business days to be mailed to you from the insurance company. Contact Lorie Clary at H&H EBS at 800-927-9039 to receive your temporary ID card within the same day.

I am at the doctor or dentist office; who do I call to get my ID and Group Number?

Call Lorie Clary at H&H EBS at 800-927-9039.

Do you use one company in particular when quoting group coverage?

We have multiple companies to meet your needs. We can offer group medical, group dental, group disability, group life, group vision, group dental, as well as a wide array or voluntary products.

How do I go about getting a quote for group medical coverage?

Just call Lorie Clary at 800.927.9039. She will ask a few simply questions regarding your business as well as needing an employee census. It’s a very easy process.

How many employees do I have to have in order to get a group quote?

Usually at least two. In certain circumstances, we can get group coverage for a group of one. If you are interested, just contact Lorie Clary at 800.927.9039 and she can provide you the full details.